Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

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…with this…

Nice pan/reveal starting around 28 seconds. But start at the beginning and let it run through to it.


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  1. Interesting to me is the “innocence” of the youth. They are going to change the world, make history, bring goodness and make the world safe for chocolate chip cookies. Fine. Very good. But the GIANT elephant in the room is how: By COERCING other people, by forcing your will upon others for their own good. Greg, I think this is one of the very fundamental flaws of democracy, the idea of our granting ourselves involuntary lordship over others. WHen our side whens, we get to be the dictators; when their side wins, they get to be the dictators. But the dictator’s power is tenuous and he fears the day when someone else takes his power. In this setting no one is free, not even the dictator.

  2. The first one, despite the fact that I have seen it before, literally made me feel sick. It is like a Sunday (or Sabbath) School class straight from Hell.

    The second was immediately evident to be from a film, so I did not get the same visceral feelings. It did have shock value.

    Sometimes I feel like the old man at the table, watching, uncomfortable, and wanting to shout out “Stop!”. That is why I blog, and that is why I encourage you to continue to do the same.

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