Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

So read the title line of placards posted in Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona in March 1942. I have been researching this event of late and suggest to readers the following article: “The Japanese Camps in California” by Mark Weber. What is your government capable of? Just about anything!

According to the article:

All incoming and outgoing mail was censored. All internal communications were strictly controlled. The Japanese language was banned at public meetings and Japanese religious services were suppressed.

The inmates were forced to salute the flag, sing patriotic songs, and declare their allegiance to “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


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  1. “The FBI quickly began rounding up any and all ‘suspicious’ Japanese for internment. None was ever charged with any crime.”

    The parallels to today are astonishing. What was it Obama was talking about the other day? Oh yes, “Prolonged Detention”.

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