Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

Day by day it seems that the current US president and his administration are generating more and more state control and driving the nation ever more deeply into debt. His approval rating is dropping and there is a steady increase in people who think that Obama is the problem. Actually, “the problem” is not Obama but the tens of millions of American people who elected him. And the particular problem is not their election of him, although that didn’t help matters. The problem is their voting booth affirmation that it is right for one person to exercise an involuntary lordship over another.

With that idea (that it is legitimate to exercise lordship over another if it is done through “legitimate” means), the whole project goes overboard, because all you need at that point is to concoct a means of legitimization. Kings ruled over others and their legitimization was the inheritance of hereditary power and sometimes even an imaginary “divine right.” In the United State, legitimization is on the basis of Constitution and Bill of Rights.

However, no human document can grant one man the right to plunder another. There is something unhealthy, for all parties, about human overlordship. In granting one rights of superiority, one is vacating those same rights in oneself. If you granted all your rights to another, you would have the same amount of rights that a rock has. So, to repeal certain of one’s rights and to grant them to another is to de-animate oneself to that same degree. A man who has stripped all of his people of all of their rights rules over a horde of automatons.

It is not the system even that is the problem. The system is supposedly a mutually agreed upon removal of power from oneself and granting of it to another. Supposedly, we have all agreed that the one who has the most votes counted wins and participates in the state’s looting and redistribution. But remember, it is not that something being legal or accepted makes that something moral. There is often a great difference between the legal and the moral. If the state says you can do X, that does not make X right. Neither, if the state says you cannot do Y does that necessarily make Y wrong. You are a human being, gifted by God, granted free will. You are to decide for yourself and to choose the moral path.

Which brings it all back to the bottom line. It is the people—the voters—that is, the voter—who on the basis of the system choose to plunder others. Obama is not the problem. Neither was W or Clinton etc. It is always the voter, the one who chooses to legitimize the state and to legitimize the exercise of involuntary lordship over others. Wouldn’t it all be easier if this vast mess could be ascribed to one person who lives in a white house. The real problem starts in each of our own hearts. We take up the machinery that awaits our use, and we use it.

To close, we recall the oft quote of Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


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