Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

Just to keep things interesting, there may be a post or two during our “hiatus.” Try this one.

The Federal Government is disregarding a Montana law which says the Feds have no jurisdiction over firearms that remain within Montana. See here:

(Thanks to blog.)

May the locals press on!


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  1. Tom Kasnick said:

    It is imperative that Monatana does not wince or backdown from the imperialist federal government on SB246. If necessary, Montana must take the unfortunate step of seceeding from the US. I wholeheartly, as a California, support Montana in its’ effort to protect the Second Amendment.

    I am an NRA and Gun Owners of American member.

    Tom Kasnick

  2. I find this one pretty fascinating. Will the state Montana protect its citizens from the imperialists? One can only hope!

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