Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

I read a piece by an unidentified blogger at The Economist titled “Still crazy after all these years”
( Mr. blogger called for politicians to tone down the antagonistic rhetoric so as not to stir up the elements in society who they suggest have lost touch with reality. Primary concerns noted involved viewpoints on Barack Obama and the state. For example, Roosevelt’s deliberately permitting the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor is ranked with other “nutty ideas” that are examples of “political paranoia.”

Some of the current visceral anger in America doubtless is rooted in the very real and numerically enormous government excess. I am not so sure about all of the anger though. Some of it, perhaps, does arise more from angst than fact-based concern. Roosevelt’s machinations seem very conclusively proven. The author seems a useful truster, supporter-of-the-establishment.

He seems to think we do best to trust the state and its admittedly inept leaders. There is a whole order built up, and he implies that in his view it would be irresponsible to push so hard that it all toppled over.

As a Christian, I have to say that I am thankful for the “crazies” mentioned by the author. Some of their behavior is surely wrong, if understandable. Unfortunately, the state is ready to swallow and consume whatever is close enough to its maw. It inviegles its way into so many human connections, it is like water that freezes in society and creates cracks in the broader edifice. While Christians are not called to topple the state, neither are they called to support the injustice of the state.

While God uses the state to inflict a certain kind of wrath upon the society, He does not use it to impose His righteousness. Indeed, looking over the history of the “best” of all states, the United States, its depredations are numerous. The Constitution has not effectively limited this government. We are a very long way from 1776 in terms of what the nation has become. The limited state seems a truly failed experiment. I could not help but think that the author’s title, “still crazy after all these years” had more application to himself and his associates who insist on seeing the state in its “righteous” glowing sheen of red, white, and blue. If we look more closely, we will see that these colors are an illusion and the order itself is corrupt (Revelation chs. 13, 17, 18).

I wonder where we will be in ten years (2019)? I hope that by then most of the scales will have come off, and the people can rationally find a way forward, certainly a way that leaves behind leviathan or at least its largest manifestations. It will be interesting to see who has been crazy when the final result of fiat money etcetera is seen. I would rather live a peaceful and quiet life, but I anticipate that Americans may be in for something much more Soviet collapse-like.

Time will show at last who was crazy, and who prescient. For my part, I do not think I have lost my sanity. I have gained it.


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