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Christian anarchist Thanksgiving

I am thankful this day for the many blessings our God has granted us. He has preserved His Word for us and all who wish to shape their lives by it can have it. Further, God has given to us, not some, but all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3, 4). We do not need the state. The state is an interloper, an artificial construct by which group A lives off the sweat of group B. But God has given us all that we need. All that we need for godliness, without the state, and all that we need for life, without the state. We are dependent upon no monsters.

I am thankful this day that the state is temporary, artificial, and rapidly ripening for its inevitable demise. As the first pilgrims came to North American shores in hopes of living more for God with less interference from long-nosed meddlers, so today I am thankful that the shelf-life of the state is at expiration and that soon another generation may have like opportunity. I am thankful that the memories of state mismanagement will still be fresh in our minds, hopefully so fresh that we will learn from the then past mistake.

I am thankful that the follies of the state already have triggered the beginnings of a return to the land and a simpler life. I am thankful that we are returning to more labor with our hands, and are seeing more directly the relationship between sowing and reaping. If the state meets its demise never to return, then the last four hundred years will not have been in vain on that count.

The Christian anarchist has much t be thankful for this Thanksgiving day. Let us in the quiet of our homes and humble family gatherings, call to mind these and so many other points of thanksgiving.


Change is coming

Change is coming to our world. It is only a matter of when the larger bumps hit.

People reap what they sow. This is the way things are and there is no going around it. When the state creates dollars that it does not have, it dilutes their value. At the end of the day, the average citizen pays for it. Thus, the question becomes, how long will the average citizen be willing to continue to pay for it.

America has a great deal of wealth to live off of. You know; fat stored away to be used up during winter. But it seems more and more like the winter is here and that we are living off of this residual wealth, burning fat, growing persistently leaner.

Some among us are quite used to the present system and can scarcely envision a different one. But some have much less invested in the establishment and much less to lose. They can see that their future is being spent out from under them, rather, stolen and squandered.

It is time to learn how to be agile, how to grow one’s own food, to live on much, much less, to think in terms of where things might be in five years, and to have a second, third, and fourth back-up plan for feeding one’s family, and for protecting it from predation—especially the legalized kind.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity is coming. Today is the day to get on better terms with your neighbors, to plan ahead so that you can be a responsible and moral person when everything spins out of control around you. Now is the time to relearn your history so that you can home school your children correctly. Why should they learn to salute the flag of an immoral, dying regime? Why should they be taught to make themselves soldiers, fodder for an empire of force?

We will reap what we sow. If others refuse, at least we can stop sowing. Our call is not to rebel, only to withdraw support as we learn to recover responsibilities we had offloaded to the state. We can live quiet and peaceable and responsible lives. This is the Christian anarchist way.

Get your kids fit for slaughter!

Will Grigg does it again.

Courtesy pro libertate i.e.

U.S. National debt clock : Real time

Unfortunately, self explanatory.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time.

The meaning of Christian anarchism

The meaning of Christian anarchism is not societal chaos induced by believers in God. Nor is it provocation to revolution by Christians. Nor is it the introduction of a theocracy or a theonomy.

Anarchist is used in the sense of “no arky,” that is, “no human head,” or, more precisely, no merely human head. After all, the Christian anarchist is a worshipper of Jesus Christ, who is one of the three persons of the Godhead but who also came and took a human body like ours for His incarnation. The Christian anarchist view of Christ is orthodox: Jesus was both fully man and fully God.

It is the Christian anarchist view of human government and of the state that is especially distinct. He is in favor of human government. He knows that the only feasible form of government is self-government under God. Only a person who is undergoing regeneration can exercise meaningful self-control and self-govern. Because the human race was damaged at the Fall of man, we need a power outside of ourselves in order that we may live moral lives. Today, we can have the desire to live morally, but we lack the power to so live. That we must acquire from outside of ourselves. God is the source for both this desire and also this power.

Christianity, rightly understood, is the blossoming of a person. It means the fullest realization of what humanity is supposed to be in a person. Self, commitment to the old, coercive, selfishly formed humanity, must die. In its place we continue to be distinct persons, but released from bondage through Christ. We choose, voluntarily, the beauty of holiness; we choose the mind of Christ. We choose a kingdom where we live in a manner that is completely just toward others.

We recognize that the modern state is a machine for coercion and exploitation, that combinations of unconverted people must, inevitably produce enormous injustices, and that Satan exercises enormous control in all such structures. These structures constitute a bulwark of satanic lordship on earth. If the United State is the best that human government can produce, then we see the result: murder on a vast scale in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, theft of native American lands, treatment of the Pribiloff Aleuts as slave labor, the internment of 80,000 plus Japanese-Americans in concentration camps in 1942, a failure to live by its own Constitution in a long list of ways, an insatiable thirst for power and empire, and more.

The Christian anarchist recognizes that the best human government can do is facilitate the imposition of evil on human lives. Refusing to grant the state the legitimacies that it wants you to grant it does not mean rebellion against God but that you maintain your convictions and reservations about it; that you recognize it as part of the world that is passing away. You see it as a false hope, and insist on keeping your hope focused on the kingdom of God. The Christian anarchist is salt, preservative, God’s bulwark of true humanity, a taker of full personal responsibility for his actions. He reaps what he sows and what he sows is a world both just and merciful.

He prays for all those mere humans who are found in authority even as he cuts through the illusions of goodness ascribed to the human ruler. His eyes are open and his heart. God’s kingdom is his benchmark in a world that is found wholly under the imposition of satanic power (1 John 5:19). Jesus has defeated these powers (Colossians 2:15), and shows that He has done this, by transformed followers who take no part in coercion and refuse to offer their allegiance to any but God.

A Century of Servitude: Pribilof Aleuts Under U.S. Rule

Dorothy M. Jones tells the little-known history of Alaskan Aleut natives, under deep colonial exploition and treated almost like slaves and animals. Yes, the hand of the US government is all over it. During WWII, this exploited group was dropped into concentration camps where the inhuman conditions resulted in 10% mortality rates. It can’t happen in America? Well, it did, time and again. Here is one more example. Be sick to your stomach and read:

These people had been better off had the United States, in all its purity and righteousness, never come along. . .

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