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Census becoming focal-point of anti govt feeling

Barack Obama opponents urge census boycott



Persecuted home schooling Germans get asylum

Home schooling German family gets asylum status


Medina and Texas secession


Off the cliff

It seems that the United State is far beyond the possibility of recovery. Disaster is certain; the only question is, When? On that happy note…

We do not know how long we have to prepare for that uncertain future. Now is the time to be gaining practical skills and eliminating debts, sorting so that we know the difference between the necessary and the accessory. We may have a sharp event but I expect instead a long downward slide.

Certainly, there is no sign that there will be any help from Washington. That system is done for. Time will show this. For now, the lawmakers are still on their acid trip. There is a tension in the air, a recognition that change such as none presently living in America have ever known, is waiting in the mist before us.

You have to admire the “let’s return to the days of the founding of the Constitution” people. They still have not given up on limited government. Disillusionment awaits them. I hope they can bear the landing. They mean well.

So, nothing really profound or new to say here. Rather, one merely attempts to assuage a gnawing sense of “It-has-been-too-long-since-I-have-written-anything-but-I-want-you-to-know-I-am-still-here.” And God still is on His throne. The kind of world we want surely we will not see until Jesus’ Second Coming. But on the way to that, we should be wise. And careful. And with increasing clarity, we should live lives that model that kind of responsible human living that Heaven intended before (and after) man fell. I may only have training wheels on, but at least I am training. May every reader make time and be led and find ways to move themselves and their families into a better situation even as the march of our uncertain future continues to pick up in its decibel count.

Davidson: Govt lying to you about economic recovery


Young people figuring it out…


Secret internal spy-drone test near Houston


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