Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a Republic to defend. But refusing to obey immoral orders is a good start.

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  1. Dear D. Alan,
    Thanks for the kind remarks. My reading of Kirkpatrick Sale confirms to me that a republic on the present scale of the United State is not possible. Too big. Even a minarchist nation-state is inevitably destined to become macroarchist. This nation will be brought down by her unbridled economic hubris. Minarchism was a stopping point for me on the way to anarcho-capitalism. At least a minarchist situation in its initial forms has a small footprint against personal freedoms and is semi-liveable. My hope is that the “remnant” you speak of is clear-headed, and will recognize the truth of Ellul’s dictum that the means transforms the end. In any case, I am glad the oath keepers are there. May their tribe increase; for their opposites are the yes-to-immediately superior authority people, and these are only unhatched totalitarians.

  2. Hey bravo for highlighting the timely OathKeepers & founder Stewart Rhodes.

    He’s reminding LEO’s & our military that an Oath is sacred, before God, and not to any single man or body of men, but to an Ideal : fidelity to our Lawful Republic.

    You say the Republic is gone… a sense…the limits of it, the honor of it, yes is on life support. But this is a reminder that God always leaves a remnant, and then uses His will, Events & Patriots – even the blood of them & tyrants, as seed to replant the Tree of Liberty.

    As Patrick Henry referred to it…..the Holy Cause of Liberty……

    God bless, great blog, keep it up….

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