Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.


What is meant by the term “anarchism” as used by Christian and State?

The popular picture of an anarchist, is one who throws bombs in the streets, recognizes no external authority, and is bent on unleashing the maximum chaos possible. The biblical picture of an anarchist is best exemplified in the teachings of Jesus. The story? The good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37). In a case of need, he took direct action to help a victim of violence—without forcing others to pay for it. The Samaritan’s actions were quite ordered. True anarchism is the active embrace of responsibility-taking, godly interaction with others, the rejection of power-seeking over others, and servanthood. It means to voluntarily seek justice and mercy.

The opposite of anarchism is not order, but statism. Statism is the creation of an essentially fictional collective entity. Those few thousands of persons who actually constitute it, as well as those who choose to accept the orders handed down, raise up armies, maim, murder, steal property and redistribute. They participate in lordship over others and empire. God’s name is often invoked as He who has appointed the state. Persons are said to be absolved of any actions taken while under the orders of agents of the state. Meanwhile, the state has no real existence, no virtue, no guilt. Agents of the state can put a gun in your hand and order you to murder, but you pull the trigger or not. You remain—always—personally responsible for your actions.


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