Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

Anticipated site reader

Who is the anticipated reader of this site?

The curious Christian

Some Christian persons are revisiting questions of relationships between church and state. The church may be associating closely with what is actually a dangerous predatory entity (the state). We desire rather to be found standing on the side of right than wrong.

The interested libertarian or anarchist

You may have developed a strong appreciation for the idea of a just world. You may have felt that Christians are too closely connected with the state to be taken seriously. But what if Christians are found (whether you are inclined to join them in their religious beliefs or not) who have a different approach to the question of church and state?

The open minded person

Somehow you followed a link or a search and landed here. The writers hope that the ideas will provide food for thought. Perhaps you will see that Christianity and anarchism need not be exclusive to each other, and, in fact, fit together well in the times of intensity that seem to be gathering.

What if the United States government collapsed sometime during the next decade? There would be changes. And yet, Lutherans would go on being Lutherans, (Eastern) Orthodox would go on being Orthodox. What about Christian groups of North American origin? What about Latter-day Saints? Disciples of Christ? Seventh-day Adventists?

The current government may or may not collapse. Indeed, few adherents of the North American groups mentioned perhaps can even imagine that. And yet, is it not wise to revisit our assumptions? With an indebtedness such as no government in the history of humanity has ever accumulated, let alone repaid, do some of our prophetic views have room for a pre-Second Coming collapse of the Western world, or even one that is global?

  • Are our prophetic understandings able to bear the collapse of the USA?
  • If a societal upheaval comes, will your church be identified with a failed state, or as a truly free-standing apolitical entity separate from and not responsible for the state and its depredations?
  • Can the church attract new members from a population that repudiates the state, if it is seen to have been unduly friendly toward it?

Here is a starting point. So far as we know, this site describes the views of but some. Many have not begun to process these questions. Nevertheless, we believe that:

  • The Bible’s prophetic understanding can accommodate the collapse of the USA.
  • If a societal upheaval comes, the church should not be identified with the defunct state.
  • We can and should be working in such a way that we can attract new believers from the rapidly increasing population of persons who regard the state in a toxic light.
  • If we process such questions carefully—we can do all this in a way that fully harmonizes with the testimony of inspired writings.

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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