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“The Federal Government can do almost anything”

She has it almost right: But people like Stark are actually demonstrating that the Constitution is a failed idea. Checks and balances cannot be devised which will limit people to a restriction upon their actions. People will—inevitably—go farther and will use any authority “granted” them to supercede the authority granted them. Therefore, it is better not to grant them authority to begin with.


Recruiters fighting back in CA

Some weeks back we mentioned this showdown between Arcata and Eureka CA and US military recruiters.

Here is an update:

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Showdown looms concerning local restrictions on military recruitment

Two cities in California, Arcata and Eureka, have passed laws restricting government military recruitment within their jurisdiction. Persons less than 18 years of age may not be contacted by recruiters, although they may themselves contact recruiters. The whole thing is set for a legal showdown.

See here:

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It seems likely that the Federal government will prevail for now. But it does raise the question of local self-determination. Namely, is there any? If the local voters pass laws limited recruitment, or, as in the case of Humboldt county, barring local enforcement of the Patriot Act, what rights does the Federal government have to countermand?

As soon as you set up a government, you are placing the fate of yourself and your family under the hands of others. You are signing your freedom away.

There is another resource that the state wants besides your money (property). The state needs soldiers for its aggression against others. Just as gladly as they remove our property, they also want the lives of our children. Without soldiers and police, the state would be in a grim way. Our world needs more people like those in Humboldt county.

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