Revisiting the Christian and State Relationship.

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Off the cliff

It seems that the United State is far beyond the possibility of recovery. Disaster is certain; the only question is, When? On that happy note…

We do not know how long we have to prepare for that uncertain future. Now is the time to be gaining practical skills and eliminating debts, sorting so that we know the difference between the necessary and the accessory. We may have a sharp event but I expect instead a long downward slide.

Certainly, there is no sign that there will be any help from Washington. That system is done for. Time will show this. For now, the lawmakers are still on their acid trip. There is a tension in the air, a recognition that change such as none presently living in America have ever known, is waiting in the mist before us.

You have to admire the “let’s return to the days of the founding of the Constitution” people. They still have not given up on limited government. Disillusionment awaits them. I hope they can bear the landing. They mean well.

So, nothing really profound or new to say here. Rather, one merely attempts to assuage a gnawing sense of “It-has-been-too-long-since-I-have-written-anything-but-I-want-you-to-know-I-am-still-here.” And God still is on His throne. The kind of world we want surely we will not see until Jesus’ Second Coming. But on the way to that, we should be wise. And careful. And with increasing clarity, we should live lives that model that kind of responsible human living that Heaven intended before (and after) man fell. I may only have training wheels on, but at least I am training. May every reader make time and be led and find ways to move themselves and their families into a better situation even as the march of our uncertain future continues to pick up in its decibel count.


Christian anarchist Thanksgiving

I am thankful this day for the many blessings our God has granted us. He has preserved His Word for us and all who wish to shape their lives by it can have it. Further, God has given to us, not some, but all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3, 4). We do not need the state. The state is an interloper, an artificial construct by which group A lives off the sweat of group B. But God has given us all that we need. All that we need for godliness, without the state, and all that we need for life, without the state. We are dependent upon no monsters.

I am thankful this day that the state is temporary, artificial, and rapidly ripening for its inevitable demise. As the first pilgrims came to North American shores in hopes of living more for God with less interference from long-nosed meddlers, so today I am thankful that the shelf-life of the state is at expiration and that soon another generation may have like opportunity. I am thankful that the memories of state mismanagement will still be fresh in our minds, hopefully so fresh that we will learn from the then past mistake.

I am thankful that the follies of the state already have triggered the beginnings of a return to the land and a simpler life. I am thankful that we are returning to more labor with our hands, and are seeing more directly the relationship between sowing and reaping. If the state meets its demise never to return, then the last four hundred years will not have been in vain on that count.

The Christian anarchist has much t be thankful for this Thanksgiving day. Let us in the quiet of our homes and humble family gatherings, call to mind these and so many other points of thanksgiving.

Change is coming

Change is coming to our world. It is only a matter of when the larger bumps hit.

People reap what they sow. This is the way things are and there is no going around it. When the state creates dollars that it does not have, it dilutes their value. At the end of the day, the average citizen pays for it. Thus, the question becomes, how long will the average citizen be willing to continue to pay for it.

America has a great deal of wealth to live off of. You know; fat stored away to be used up during winter. But it seems more and more like the winter is here and that we are living off of this residual wealth, burning fat, growing persistently leaner.

Some among us are quite used to the present system and can scarcely envision a different one. But some have much less invested in the establishment and much less to lose. They can see that their future is being spent out from under them, rather, stolen and squandered.

It is time to learn how to be agile, how to grow one’s own food, to live on much, much less, to think in terms of where things might be in five years, and to have a second, third, and fourth back-up plan for feeding one’s family, and for protecting it from predation—especially the legalized kind.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity is coming. Today is the day to get on better terms with your neighbors, to plan ahead so that you can be a responsible and moral person when everything spins out of control around you. Now is the time to relearn your history so that you can home school your children correctly. Why should they learn to salute the flag of an immoral, dying regime? Why should they be taught to make themselves soldiers, fodder for an empire of force?

We will reap what we sow. If others refuse, at least we can stop sowing. Our call is not to rebel, only to withdraw support as we learn to recover responsibilities we had offloaded to the state. We can live quiet and peaceable and responsible lives. This is the Christian anarchist way.

Ten Commandments and the Christian anarchist 7

The seventh commandment is:

Thou shalt not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14).

Thus, this commandment regulates behavior where married people are involved. But why did God not choose to make this commandment “Thou shalt not commit fornication”? Would that not have covered much more ground?

In a Christian marriage, there is an agreeing with God, a joining together of man and woman. God joins them together. The two have become one flesh. And “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” (Matthew 19:6). Adultery is a separation of what God has joined together. Fornication, in contrast, is a merely temporary, immoral, selfish event between two persons whom God has (obviously) not joined together.

The marriage bond is sacred; to violate it is a base betrayal. Marriage is presented in Scripture as a model or illustration of the union between Christ and His church (Ephesians 5). Whenever the marriage covenant is violated, that model is sharply distorted.

One coming from an anarchist perspective might immediately pursue this question in terms of property rights violation. The man and the woman are married. Therefore, The man owns the woman and for someone else to use her thus is a violation of his property rights. Actually, that would be backwards. Marriage means giving yourself to someone else. Marriage contains a surrender of certain of your “rights” to your partner, and likewise in return (1 Corinthians 7:3, 4). Thus, for a husband to engage in sexual relations with a woman other than his wife, is for him to violate not his own, as it were, but his wives “property rights.”

God is against sexual immorality no matter its form, but in the Ten Commandments chose to highlight adultery. Adultery can break a union, shatter lives. Fornication leaves behind its own evil and distinct trail of woes, but not is not the breaking of a divinely sanctioned union.

It may be well to pause here for a moment and recognize that this commandment, like the fifth and the tenth, recognizes gender differences. The current trendiness of homosexuality in the culture has led to a frantic desire on the part of some for the state to recognize the legitimacy of homosexual “marriages.” The issue, as stated, is one of justice.

Here, we see exactly why the state should not stick its large nose into the question of marriage. It has no business licensing or legitimizing them. Christian marriage is a religious institution. If non-Christian parties wish to enter into a social contract of whatever name or arrangement between consenting adults, that is no concern of anyone but themselves.

The Christian can stand aside and recognize that something is very wrong there and even encourage such parties to reconsider their behavior. It is rather clear from Scripture, although we will not argue the case here, that homosexual relationships are chosen, immoral, sinful behavior. By definition, a man cannot marry a man, nor a woman a woman; the Bible is unambiguous in presenting Christian marriage as properly entered into between man and woman.

Because the divine image is reflected in the union of man and woman (Ephesians 5:22-33), a union of man with man or woman with woman is an inherent distortion of God’s purpose.

Having said all this, homosexuals should try to understand that it is not offered in judgment. The homosexual “union” is akin to fornication. God loves the fornicator and the adulterer both, even as He finds their immoral behavior revolting. The state has no business regulating marriage. Whatever agreement consenting adults wish to enter into between themselves is their own business. The state should leave it alone. The state, whether by statute or constitution should keep out of these matters and let adults choose for themselves.

Ten Commandments and the Christian anarchist 5

The fifth commandment is stated thus:

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee (Exodus 20:12).

Before the advent of the welfare state, all aspects of caring for aged parents fell to their children. There is something about caring for someone—washing them, changing their sheets, helping them dress, taking care of their bedpans, feeding them, that is healthy for a care-giver.

Paying for their care, buying someone else’s time to accomplish it, can be done, and doubtless there are situations in which this is the only serious option. But these are likely very, very few. The benefit we derive from serving others is then mostly lost. The same connection and affection is not there. We loose something when we assign caring duties—and others use their time to accomplish it.

Actually, nowhere I can think of in Scripture suggests that we buy the services of others to care for our loved ones. We should do it directly.

But with the introduction of social security, medical, and similar arrangements, many attitudes changed. Realizing that there is always “the state” to fall back upon, people became less responsible. Since the shift to the democratic republican form of government, the rate of having children has fallen significantly in the Western world. You no longer need children to care for you later in old age! The state will do it for you. Or your children will drop you into a nice nursing home somewhere where you can watch television and sit in your pee.

Honoring our fathers and mothers makes us more human. And keeps them more human. Honoring begets honoring. Your children see you taking care of your parents. What an impression this must make! The promise is that as we honor our parents, our days will be long upon the land that God gives to us. Our humanity gives our parents a higher quality of life in their golden years, and in turn our children see and are prepared to do likewise for us when our turn at the wrinkles comes.

In the Bible, the aged person is consistently honored and respected. In the modern world, his main utility is as a consumer of dental adhesive products. The welfare state is dehumanizing and decivilizing in its effect. The anarchist Christian needs to rise above the standard inhumanity. He should honor his parents in many ways, but, in particular, by as much as is feasible, caring for them directly, with his own hands.

Another point of interest in this commandment is that God gives land to the Christian. Private ownership of Property is built in to the Ten Commandments. We will ponder this further when we discuss the eighth commandment. For now, we limit ourselves to the observation that God made earth for man and intended that he should be able to own property.

God is the original Maker. He created the earth ex nihilo. Thus, He homesteaded it from nothingness; it belongs to Him. As His private property, He can give it to whomever He will. He links our care for our parents with His gift of private property to us in the form of land. For the Christian anarchist, these provide several interesting lines of thought, strikingly in support of a libertarian position although written more than three millennia ago.

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