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Census becoming focal-point of anti govt feeling

Barack Obama opponents urge census boycott



MN Rep. Bachmann warns about census

She says that she will not be filling out anything more than the number of persons living in her household, as that is the Constitutional requirement. (The law says that you are coerced to provide accurate information on anything they ask you, or face a $5,000.00 fine.) I plan to follow Bachmann’s example.

Mr. Secretary, what provision in the Constitution could you point to…

“…To justify this massive theft by government.” Representative Michele Bachmann from Minnesota doesn’t say that outright, but you can’t get much closer. Near the beginning of the following video (starting about 0:51 in) the treasury secretary struggles to elucidate a satisfying answer about the constitutionality of the United States transfer of wealth (government theft) of many trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and children as yet unborn, to banks.

It is hard not to feel a sense of satisfaction as the treasury secretary squirms. Bachmann is speaking truth to power! But wait. The larger truth is that the Constitution does grant power to congress to legislate, to create law. Just as the Federal reserve can create money out of thin air, so can the United States legislative branch create law out of thin air.

The law may be unjust, but if it is passed by congress and signed by the president, it is considered legitimate. Thus, although the founding fathers sought by checks and balances to hem in the state, the experiment has proven unsuccessful. Instead, the state is a machine of plunder and looting. Hear Hoppe:

Every government, and that means every agency that engages in continual, institutionalized property-rights violations (expropriations), is by its nature a territorial monopolist. There can be no “free entry” into the business of expropriations; otherwise, soon nothing would be left that could be expropriated, and any form of institutionalized expropriation would thus become impossible. Under the assumption of self-interest, every government will use this monopoly of expropriation to its own advantage—in order to maximize its wealth and income. Hence every government should be expected to have an inherent tendency toward growth. And in maximizing its own wealth and income by means of expropriation, every government represents a constant threat to the process of civilization—of falling time preferences and increasingly wider and longer provision—and an expanding source of decivilizing forces (Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Democracy—The God That Failed, p. 15).

A just society can be created only by refusing to grant others the power to expropriate (remove property, i.e. “steal”). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander; people should not steal, and an artificial person such as the state should not steal. The Ten Commandments are a thumbnail sketch of God’s just and merciful character. Therefore He commands us, “Thou shalt not steal” (Exodus 20:15).

Although Representative Bachmann’s question suggests that the treasury secretary has misused Constitutional power, in fact, it is an inditement of the state itself. In order to prevent the state from plundering the citizens who, unfortunately, live within its territorial monopoly, there is one solution: dismantle it, and do not replace it with another state.

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