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Photography is not a crime

Great must-visit website

Phtography is not a crime


Big brother on your tail

Big brother on your tail. “Suppose I approached you with a request. I want you to carry a small gadget that will automatically transmit your location to the police, allowing them to track your every movement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Chances are you would politely decline…”


What do WW I Draft-dodgers, Japanese-Americans in 1942, and Arab-Americans in 2003 have in common?

Hint: The U.S. Census fingered them—and gave their information away in every case. How confidential are your census answers? See Census Confidentiality? The Check’s is in the Mail, by David Kopel.

(Tipped off to this from Lew Rockwell mp3 radio interview on the census at

Big Brother has landed

No, this is not a production from

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BATF seizes 30 toy guns

This is not an Onion article.

ATF seizes 30 toy guns.

Whether you are in favor of toy guns or not, this does seem to indicate that the BATF has some spare time on its hands. In fact, it is hard to see, even if you are a Constitutionalist (I am an anarcho-capitalist—the Constitution is a magic formula that cannot work) where the authority comes from to operate the BATF.

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Photographer films his own anti-terrorism arrest in UK

Taking photographs is “anti-social”? See the video. (Via

Secret internal spy-drone test near Houston


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